Mar 30, 2018 by Jill

by David W Virtue, DD, Virtueonline:

“The sooner the practice of so-called conversion therapy is banned, I can sleep at night,” boldly acknowledged John Sentamu, Archbishop of York not too long ago.

He is flawed; in some instances, fatally flawed. By denying the opportunity of conversion, or reparative remedy because it is additionally recognized, he is saying that change is not attainable, however sexuality we all know is malleable, expandable and reconstructable and never at all times simply classifiable. “The proof from science is veryclear that sexual attraction is not immutable. There is very real looking hope for change for individuals who need it. A excessive proportion of those that imagine themselves to be homosexual or bisexual find yourself turning into heterosexual, even with out skilled assist”, says Dr. Bruce Atkinson, a therapist and lay Anglican chief.

As one shrewd observer informed VOL, Sentamu likes to be on the profitable facet in a debate and this was a simple name.

The fact is this, If the archbishop is in opposition to any form of remedy to scale back undesirable identical intercourse sights (SSA) then he should imagine that SSA is regular, pure and God-given. This would imply he is in opposition to any form of effort to assist an individual conform himself to our God-given design; that is, he is encouraging such individuals to determine with their brokenness. The archbishop by his rejection of conversion remedy, not solely embraces sexual sin, he is telling people who find themselves damaged and misplaced sexually that it is okay to remain that means and stay it out.

He is additionally saying that every one these individuals who have undergone profitable remedy to alter their undesirable identical intercourse sights are flawed and will by no means have undergone such therapies. He is additionally denying that the gospel has the facility to alter lives and essentially he is saying that individuals who voluntarily select to alter their sexual wishes are flawed in doing so.

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