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Mar 29
am: 102
pm: 142, 143
Exodus 12:1-42 1 Cor 11:23-26 John 13:1-17, 31-35

HOLY WEEK:  Holy or Maundy Thursday


LITURGICAL THEME FOR THE DAY:  Holy Thursday has developed to incorporate a succession of liturgical ceremonies similar to, the reconciliation of penitents, renewal of ordination vows and the consecration of the holy oils (each completed at a Chrism Mass the bishops blesses the oils utilized in Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Orders, Unction, and the consecration of Altars and church buildings), the washing of the toes, and commemoration of the Blessed Eucharist and the Divine Liturgy. The phrase Maundy comes from the Latin mandatum, which implies “commandment.” At the Last Supper, Jesus gave the disciples a brand new commandment to like each other as he had beloved them (John 13:34). Prior to breaking the bread with the disciples, Jesus washed their toes. As a results of these ceremonies the day obtained totally different names, all of which level to a church solemnity that advanced from Holy Week.

MEDITATION OF THE DAY:   The three holy days earlier than Easter, (generally known as the TRIDUUM), begins with in the present day’s celebration and finish with the Easter solemnity.  The theme   of the primary classes lays our consideration on the Eucharist which is instituted on this “Last Supper” and but some are shocked as John’s Gospel. Why all this consideration to Jesus washing the toes of his disciples when he’s giving us the Eucharist?  The readings in the present day remind us that we have a good time the reward of the love of Jesus, given to us for our nourishment given to us for example of self-less love. Today, we will let our Lord wash our toes and be damaged and given for us. The problem is then to be trustworthy to the one commandment of Jesus that we’d go and do the identical. Why? This isn’t only a meal however the Passover celebration when trustworthy Jews recalled how Yahweh saved them from slavery and led them via the desert to their promised land. That occasion prefigures what Jesus is about to do for us all on this paschal thriller of salvation we’re celebrating. And Jesus is current to his disciples on this meal because the servant. Are we folks inclined to serve or be served tells an incredible deal about how we obtained the mysteries revealed at the present time?

PRAYER OF THE DAY Almighty Father, whose pricey Son, on the evening earlier than he suffered, instituted the Sacrament of his Body and Blood: Mercifully grant that we could obtain it fortunately in remembrance of Jesus Christ our Lord, who in these holy mysteries provides us a pledge of everlasting life; and who now lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen


Maundy Thursday DisciplineTry to decide to an act of humble servitude that you wouldn’t usually do on at the present time.  In the night go to the liturgy and take part within the foot washing.


ANCIENT WORDS/FUTURE HOPE: “My Flesh is truly Food, and My Blood is truly Drink. He that eats My Flesh and drinks My Blood will remain in Me and I in Him.” As to the truth of His Flesh and Blood, there isn’t a room left for doubt, as a result of now, each by the declaration of the Lord Himself and by our personal religion, it’s actually Flesh and it’s actually Blood. And These Elements carry it about, when taken and consumed, that we’re in Christ and Christ is in us. – St. Hilary of Poitiers


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