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NASHVILLE (BP) — Love each other as Jesus taught, know that His resurrection overcame sin and demise, and be assured of His return to take believers unto Himself — phrases of encouragement at Easter in Bible research curricula from LifeMeans Christian Resources.

Reflections by the writers of Bible Studies for Life, Explore the Bible and YOU! throughout the Easter season had been shared with Baptist Press from LifeMeans’s 5 ongoing Bible research/Sunday School curricula, which additionally embody The Gospel Project and SmallGroup.com.

Bible Studies for Life

LifeMeans youngsters’s Bible research illustration, 1991

“The resurrection of Jesus was the ultimate proof of God’s faithfulness to His disciples, and is the ultimate statement of His faithfulness to me,” Bible Studies for Life lesson author David Fleming instructed Baptist Press of the Easter research from Luke 24:10-12.

“God can do anything, even what appears to be impossible to me,” mentioned Fleming, senior pastor of the four-site Champion Forest Baptist Church in Houston. “God will always be faithful to Himself and His Word, and therefore will always be faithful to me when I am walking in obedience to His Word and living in the resurrection power of His Spirit.”

Fleming wrote of the invention of an empty tomb by Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary the mom of James and different ladies who visited the tomb the place Jesus was positioned after His crucifixion. Although Peter and different disciples didn’t consider the ladies’s account, Peter was amazed when he found the empty tomb.

“In a fallen and broken world,” Fleming instructed Baptist Press, “we now have a message of hope: Jesus has overcome sin and brokenness and by religion, we will too.

“Because Jesus died and was raised once more, we will stay in restored fellowship with our God, and stroll within the victory of His resurrection energy,” Fleming noted as exhortations from the lesson. “The resurrection actually modifications the whole lot, for now and endlessly, for individuals who consider in and are trusting in Jesus.

“That is a message worth sharing, and we must share with everyone.”

Explore the Bible

John 20:Three-9 and 1 Corinthians 15:20-28 are the muse of Explore the Bible’s Easter lesson on the peace of mind of the resurrection.

Lesson author Micah Carter, pastor of First Baptist Church in Ripley, Miss., discovered each historic, present and future fact within the passages.

“As I studied and prayed about what to write, I realized in a fresh way that our faith both rests on the historical fact that Jesus rose from the dead, and stands in continuity with believers in Christ since His first disciples,” Carter instructed BP. “I wanted to encourage readers of this lesson that the resurrection of Jesus grounds our faith, undergirds our mission, and establishes our hope in the life to come.”

Carter included frequent prayer in his lesson preparation, he mentioned, trying past himself and seeing the non secular harvest of many who not often attend church on days apart from Easter and Christmas.

“I prayed for people to be saved as they heard about the Gospel truth of Jesus’ resurrection. I prayed for teachers who would work through the text, that they would have boldness and clarity,” Carter mentioned. “And I prayed for my own heart too, that I would rejoice in the resurrection and worship King Jesus who is victorious over sin and death!”


Jesus’ use of the phrase “new” in describing His commandment to like each other was personally poignant to Justin Smith, he instructed BP, as he ready the lesson for the YOU! deliberately city curriculum.

“In an age where our church worlds can become embroiled with controversy and debate, Jesus’ simple and powerful command rings all the more relevant for me,” mentioned Smith, who teaches Bible at Blackman High School and helps plant People of Hope Church, each in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

In the lesson taken from John 12:24-25 and 13:21-22, 34-38, Smith hardly noticed loving others as a brand new scriptural command.

“Wasn’t that command all throughout Scripture? However, it became clear — with the disciples’ feet still cool from the water Jesus had washed them with — that Jesus had given them a new context or demonstration of what this love would involve,” Smith instructed BP. “I’m to like fellow believers deeply, personally and sacrificially.

“As we look at the cross and the empty tomb,” Smith said, “allow us to not overlook the non-negotiable command to like all different believers as Jesus loves us.”

More data on LifeMeans’s Sunday School curricula is at LifeMeans.com/SundaySchool.


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