Parents rejoice! For the primary time since 1956, Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day happen on the identical day – which means it’s a as soon as in a lifetime probability to play corny and apparent Easter-themed pranks on your youngsters. Here are some solutions:

A treasure hunt with a twist

A incredible Easter Sunday custom is to do a treasure hunt the place the Easter Bunny has left eggs round your home, and every egg has a small written clue or riddle directing the kids to the place they will discover the following one. But this 12 months, as an alternative of hiding chocolate eggs, why not depart some carrots of their place. On the third or fourth clue you may make it seem as if the Easter Bunny has left a observe apologising for consuming all of the chocolate, however saying they hope you take pleasure in this left-behind lunch.

The Sunday is a golden opportunity for parents to wind up their children - and then just blame these guys

The Sunday is a golden alternative for folks to wind up their youngsters – and then simply blame these guys. Photograph: Michael Walter/PA

An Easter basket with a distinction

Prepare an Easter basket for the kids, and both wrap it up or cowl it up so the contents can’t be seen. Have a card from the Easter Bunny subsequent to it which they will open first, with a message that the Easter Bunny needs them to have an additional particular Easter this 12 months and so has ready a particular present for them. But somewhat than chocolate or sweets, what you’ve put within the basket is extremely boring stuff that kids shall be utterly unimpressed by – new toothpaste, some socks, a packet of batteries.

Surprise them with grapes

This one is a bit fiddly, however guarantees big rewards. Buy a packet of mini eggs with foil wrappers. Unwrap them fastidiously, and (optionally) eat the chocolate your self. Wrap grapes up within the place of the chocolate. Put the grapes again within the packet and anticipate hilarity to ensue.

With a little bit of effort, grapes can be cunningly disguised as mini Easter eggs

With a bit of little bit of effort, grapes could be cunningly disguised as mini Easter eggs. Photograph: molka/Getty Images/iStockphoto

A sticky scenario

You’ll want to put together this prematurely, however purchase a few of the plastic eggs that include toys. Unwrap them, open them, and then fastidiously glue them shut and re-wrap them. You don’t have to be too tidy – your youngsters are going to be interested by getting to the toy, and are usually not going to be suspicious. Sit again and take pleasure in them attempting and failing to open the eggs.

The invisible Easter egg hunt

This is a wonderful plan when you’ve got a backyard. Tell the kids there may be an Easter egg hunt within the backyard. Put the kids within the backyard. Close the again door. Let them spend ages looking out fruitlessly for Easter eggs that you just haven’t truly hidden. After you’ve loved a uncommon 10 minutes of peace and quiet indoors, whereas they get more and more bemused and annoyed, go into the backyard claiming to have discovered a observe from the Easter Bunny. The observe reads “April Fool”.

Imagine the peace and quiet you could enjoy on Easter Sunday morning by sending your kids out on a quest to find some Easter eggs that simply aren’t there.

Imagine the peace and quiet you could possibly take pleasure in on Easter Sunday morning by sending your kids out on a quest to discover some Easter eggs that merely aren’t there. Photograph: National Trust/Rex

The final Easter Sunday April Fool’s prank

If you really need to get Easter began with some tears and tantrums, why not simply inform your youngsters the reality in regards to the Easter Bunny? And Father Christmas while you’re at it…

  • Do you’ve gotten every other concepts for Easter-themed April Fool’s pranks? Let us know within the feedback.


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