Philippians Four:Four-9
John 12:1-18

Entry into Jerusalem. Photo: monasteryicons.com Entry into Jerusalem. Photo: monasteryicons.com


Human beings are blessed with the potential to deal with what is most essential. So a lot of what we do at work or college, for instance, requires that we tune out distractions and provides our minds to the job earlier than us.

St. Paul reminds us that we particularly want to take action in the Christian life by giving our minds to what’s true, noble, simply, pure, beautiful, virtuous, and reward worthy. Palm Sunday is a time that all of us want this reminder as we enter into the thriller of our salvation as Jesus Christ journeys to His cross, descent into Hades, and wonderful resurrection.             

Nothing about this week comes naturally or simply to us. We perceive wanting our enemies to endure, however not freely struggling for their sake. We perceive spiritual individuals judging others with self-righteousness, however not loving sinners to the level of dying on their behalf. We understanding wanting our aspect to win, however not that true victory comes by laying apart all that appears like energy in this world. We suppose that we perceive a distant God in the heavens who doesn’t perceive how exhausting life is down right here, not One who hangs on a cross, occupies a tomb, and descends to Hades.   

There are instances when what has been cloudy and confused turns into vibrant and clear, when what has been hidden is made manifest for all to see. Today is a type of instances. For Jesus Christ, who revealed that He is the resurrection and the life by elevating His good friend Lazarus from the useless, now enters Jerusalem as the long-awaited Messiah to the welcoming cheers of the crowd.

But even earlier than He will get to Jerusalem, the forces of darkness had determined to kill Christ as a result of they might inform that somebody who may increase the useless was a menace to their energy; for He was neither a conquering basic nor a Pharisee-like interpreter of the Law; and people nationalistic spiritual leaders had no use for a Messiah who didn’t serve their schemes of domination.

On Palm Sunday, it turns into clear that the Savior Who enters Jerusalem as we speak is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. He is the Passover Lamb whose demise and resurrection will conquer demise itself. Mary, Lazarus’ sister, carried out a prophetic act when she anointed Christ with the identical sort of expensive ointment that was used to anoint the our bodies of the useless. This Messiah, this One who is actually anointed to avoid wasting His individuals and the entire world, shall be rejected by the leaders of the Jews and crucified below the authority of the Romans. And when He is lifted up upon the Cross, He will draw all who consider in Him– Jew, Gentile, male, feminine, wealthy, poor, all nations, courses, and races—to the lifetime of a Kingdom that transcends this world and our petty divisions.

Jesus Christ won’t reign as a soldier, a politician, or a wealthy man, however as a Suffering Servant, a slaughtered lamb, a despised sufferer of torture and capital punishment.   The crowds are proper on Palm Sunday to welcome Him as a conquering King in Whom God’s guarantees shall be fulfilled. But they misunderstand what sort of King He is and the way He will conquer. For He guidelines from a cross and an empty tomb; as an alternative of killing Roman troopers, He kills demise by permitting Himself to be killed; in the place of a magnificent stallion match for a king, He rides a humble donkey that may impress nobody.

The crowd is correct, “Blessed is He Who comes in the name of the Lord, the King of Israel.” They shout “Hosanna,” which is a plea for God’s salvation to come back upon the earth. And it does via the Lord’s demise and wonderful resurrection. But that’s not what the crowds anticipated; it’s apparently not what the disciples or anybody else anticipated. For it goes in opposition to all our preconceived notions of what it means to achieve success, to be highly effective, to rule upon the earth, and to be respectable and spiritual.

And it’s nonetheless a really exhausting lesson for us to simply accept, for there may be an excessive amount of of the world in all of us and the demons by no means work tougher than after we are attempting to develop nearer to Christ. That’s why we have to comply with St. Paul’s recommendation to deal with what is actually holy this week, to rejoice all the time, and to “let your gentleness be known to all men.” As St. Paul wrote, “The Lord is at hand” which isn’t extra true than on this feast as He enters Jerusalem to the cheers of the crowds.   

In Holy Week, what had been cloudy turns into clear; the fact is out in the open and we can’t ignore it any longer. Jesus Christ is the Passover Lamb, the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world. He is our Champion, our Savior, our King, but in His humility and love, the incarnate Son of God suffers on the cross as the lowest of the low in order to deliver us to the heights of heaven and the pleasure of life everlasting via His empty tomb.

And this week we journey with Him to that cross, changing into members in His ardour.   Like Lazarus, we sit at desk with Him. Like Mary, we anoint Him for burial. Like these gathered in Jerusalem, we welcome Him with palms and praises.   Like the disciples, we eat the Passover with Him; like His mom Mary the Theotokos, the different devoted girls, and the Apostle John, we kneel earlier than His cross. Like Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, we bury Him. And like the shocked myrrh-bearers and the doubting apostles, we are going to marvel at the unspeakable pleasure of His resurrection. For what appears like full failure is definitely whole triumph, as we are going to see in the early hours of subsequent Sunday.   

Holy Week is the climax of Jesus Christ’s life and of ours, too. For He goes to the cross for us; He dies and rises for our salvation, to deliver us into the endless pleasure of everlasting life, to defeat our historic foe. So it’s time to put apart our normal distractions, excuses, and obsessions, and enter into the ardour of our Lord by worshiping Him in the companies of the church, in addition to in each thought, phrase, and deed this week. If we can’t attend actually each service, can all pray at house, learn the Bible passages for Holy Week, and provides much less consideration to the world and extra to God.

It’s time to embrace the nice thriller of our salvation, of our Savior’s infinite love and mercy, and thus share already in the blessedness of the Kingdom of Heaven. Holy Week is the time to enter into the Light that shines brightly even from the terror of the cross and the darkness of the tomb. Yes, our Savior has endured all these evils for us purely out of affection; and He will quickly rise over them triumphantly.

On Palm Sunday, it’s clear who Jesus Christ is: The Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world. How will we reply to Him as He goes to the cross for us? Hopefully, with the concern of God and religion and love, we are going to draw close to and never abandon or disregard Him.     

Yes, that can take intentional focus and the self-discipline to show away from temptations, distractions, and unholy ideas that develop into obstacles alongside our path. Nonetheless, we should comply with St. Paul’s steering to “Be anxious for nothing” and permit “the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding…[to] guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

“Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord, the king of Israel. Hosanna in the highest!”


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