Mar 31, 2018 by Jill

by Shane Claiborne, Red Letter Christians:

We name it Holy Week. But it was a horrible week.

His trial reeked of injustice. His personal disciple bought him out for a number of items of silver, betrayed him with a kiss… and hung himself.

As he was arrested, certainly one of his closest pals disregarded all his instructing on love – pulled out a knife – and lower a man’s ear off. (Jesus referred to as him out… and healed the opposite man). Loads of the stuff that occurred that first holy week was fairly unholy.

Once arrested, he was handed forwards and backwards between politicians and bureaucrats. There was Caiaphas the priest, the Sanhedrin council, Pontius Pilate, the gang – everybody appeared to need him lifeless, however nobody wished blood on their fingers. Even Pilate washed his clear.

They had all types of accusations… Insurrection. Inciting a riot. Conspiracy. Terrorism (plotting to destroy the temple). Blasphemy.

But all he did was love. And heal. And give individuals hope.

Despite any substantial proof, witnesses, or indicators of any crime dedicated – he was pronounced responsible and sentenced to die.

As he awaited his destiny, he was bullied, interrogated, harassed, tortured, crushed to a pulp. The authorities humiliated him and stripped him bare. They mocked the claims of his divinity – ramming a crown of thorns onto his head and wrapping him in a royal purple gown as they laughed.

And so it went. This man who many consider was the holy one which the prophets spoke of, the lengthy awaited Messiah, God incarnate, love with pores and skin on – was executed, brutally. He died together with his physique convulsing as his lungs collapsed, with vultures swarming overhead, hoping to scrub up after the execution. There is nothing extra evil than what occurred that “Good” Friday.

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