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Rev Dr Gavin Ashenden was the Honorary Chaplain to the Queen from 2008 till his resignation in 2017. In the video beneath, Rev Dr Ashenden explains what’s behind the push for same-sex marriage and the gender revolution at the moment taking up the West. We’ve additionally transcribed a few of Dr Ashenden’s noteworthy factors.

Undoing Marriage:

The unusual factor is, the impact of being simply and sort and beneficiant and protecting to the small minorities is to start to undo marriage. Then whenever you listened to them, they provide it away… A well-known Canadian writer mentioned we don’t need marriage, we don’t like marriage. We solely need it as a result of we’re setting out to destroy it…

She mentioned the entire level of the marketing campaign to prolong marriage to the homosexual neighborhood shouldn’t be as a result of we would like to be married, however as a result of we would like, having acquired marriage, to destroy it.

How do you destroy it? You destroy marriage by breaking the hyperlink between kids and fogeys… The ungluing of society by way of this second wagon takes place by destroying the relationship between mother and father and kids.


Behind the entire trans factor is that this precept of eliminating goal actuality, goal requirements, goal morality. What it’s mainly saying is, the actual fact about the world is no matter you assume it’s in your head.

So, what’s the motivation for making an attempt to impose on society a notion that the inside our heads and what we would like is what society ought to be? The reply is that this, it’s linked to this concept of utopianism. And the thought of this utopianism is, we will construct the perfect society alongside the strains of what we would like, simply by wanting it.

But to get there, you have got to persuade those who they’ll make the world like their imaginative and prescient inside their head. It’s a prerequisite. And the entire trans neighborhood is getting used in order to get the remainder of the world to settle for this.

Thought Police: 

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