I hope you shouted out loud, “really!?” and lined your youngsters’s eyes and ears in the Super Bowl Commercials this 12 months. Well, I guess that’s true yearly, however wow, this 12 months was insidious and protracted!

I confess that I solely watched the final quarter of the recreation—nice recreation!—so I solely noticed 1 / 4 of the advertisements, however that was sufficient to present me critical concern as a Christian who takes my religion severely. Listen: in case you are a cultural Christian who isn’t involved with what Jesus truly mentioned, you most likely will suppose that I am some type of fundamentalist, or loopy. I settle for each appellations, particularly if by fundamentalist you imply, “I believe the fundamental teachings of Christianity,” and if by loopy, you embrace me in St. Anthony’s nice saying from his proto-monastic days in the desert: “A time is coming when men will go mad, and they will say, ‘You are mad; you are not like us.’”

Let’s lay apart, for now, the fully demonic T-Mobile advert (an add for a cell phone which didn’t point out or present a single cellphone or mobile plan) whereby a mom whispers in her most caring, soothing mom voice to a show of the world’s new child infants, “you’ll love who(m) you want,” all in the direction of the grand T-Mobile “change starts now.” Gospodi! Do not maintain this towards the lady who recorded this, neither towards the imaginers of this advert, nor the producers, nor the firm. They should not know what they’re doing to sow such confusion! And Lord, I beg Thee, maintain it not towards former President Obama who launched such language into our nation’s vocabulary.

I’d relatively wish to give attention to the Toyota advert. For a Truck. And theoretically for a “united” group effort to help the Olympic Team. This advert confirmed a Jewish Rabbi, a (Catholic?) Priest, a Muslim Imam, and a Buddhist Monk, every hopping right into a Toyota to go to a soccer recreation. They meet up (late) with two presumably Catholic Nuns in the soccer stadium, and it concludes, “we are all one team.” Now, if we’re talking about the plurality of Americans, who’ll collect to help our Olympic Team, that’s definitely true. But entrepreneurs are as smart as serpents, and for those who for a second suppose they weren’t attempting to make a non secular assertion, you’re fully fooling your self.

We dwell in a pluralistic society, and the freedoms afforded us in that pluralistic society are outstanding and include the freedom for every of us to worship whomever, wherever, and nonetheless we would like. BUT, that may be a far, far cry from saying that every one religions are “one team.”

The Absence of Unity

If God is actual, and due to this fact above and past us, then it behooves you and me to search out out who He truly is and to worship him at each second, and thank him for the whole lot. Friends, please, I beg you, contemplate the following easy statements, and be reassured that the messages of the “Three Great Religions” are very completely different, and, in truth, largely at odds with each other.

Jews don’t imagine that the Messiah has come, and whereas some anticipate that he’ll, they formally reject that Jesus is He.

The Koran of Islam flat out states that “God neither begets nor is begotten.” I’ll ship you an image of the banner I noticed that they placed on the sq. in entrance of the Roman Catholic Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth with this Surah on it. The Koran strictly teaches that Jesus didn’t die on the cross. Islam definitively rejects not solely that God did have a Son, however even that He may or would have one.

Christianity is outlined on the very foundation that the Messiah has come, that God did grow to be man, that God did and does have a Son, and that Jesus is He.

This doesn’t by any means imply that we’re not “one people” in the sense that the entire human race was made by God. But these three religions have mutually unique beliefs—which means: they’re at irreconcilable odds with each other.

We ought, certainly, to search out methods to grasp what we every imagine, however the variations are literally what outline us. And, talking from a Christian perspective, our divine Revelation was not given in a e-book, nor in voice solely, however in the very individual of Jesus Christ. Christian beliefs don’t rely, in the first occasion, on a textual content—a “set of teachings,” however relatively a conviction concerning the self-revelation of God-made-man, and what he taught, and the way he died, and what his resurrection from the lifeless means to you, to me, and to the entire world.

The advert is all the extra insidious in suggesting, by emotion and banality, that every one the religions are the similar, and I can solely touch upon my disgust for its therapy of the Christian minister, who’s portrayed as a simpleton fool, much more involved with the recreation, or the Olympic group, than he’s a couple of critical query from his (dwindling, milquetoast) congregation. His reply to the “great question”: “long story short, you’re probably fine.”

If that isn’t the most sensible and serpentine abstract of the doctrine of American pop faith. That, my mates, is the satan’s personal reply to your query.

The double irony, for me, reaches it peak, nonetheless, when, after choosing up the Imam, the music on the radio is Foreigner’s “I wanna know what love is…” and the Christian minister asks, “Can I change the music?” This says all of it. The Christian, presumably, doesn’t like the tune, however neither does this industrial’s minister have any care to “know what love is.”

The Nature of True Love

A real Christian is aware of what love is:

Love is God, who so cherished the world, that He gave his only-begotten Son, in order that whoever believes in Him, wouldn’t perish, however have everlasting life.

Love is God, who noticed the world which He created in love, falling completely aside due to you and me, and humbled himself, taking the type of a servant, and died at the arms of his personal creation. But He forgives us.

Love is God who trampled down loss of life by his personal loss of life and grants each one among us—Jew, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, and all the relaxation—resurrection from the lifeless and the alternative to get pleasure from His presence with out finish.

Love is God who mentioned, “if anyone would come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.”

Love is God who mentioned, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; there is no way to the Father but by me.”

Love is God, who mentioned, “Come to me, all you who are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. My yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Love is God, who mentioned, “Come and see.”


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